It’s been an action-packed month at Charles Ave!

In August, writing experts (including yours truly) shared tips on how to improve web copy for the Bitcatcha blog.

We also moved into our new office. The space has been a godsend, but of course, a move is never without its bumps and bruises. I discovered that if I’m sitting at my desk around 4PM, the sun shines directly (and I mean directly) into my eye, so getting the blinds set up was an immediate goal. I also had a hell of a time setting up the printer to work wirelessly. I ended up using a service called HelloTech to help. What I thought would be a routine IT consult turned into an hours-long ordeal, but in the end, we were finally able to set it up. I definitely recommend the service – my technician Anthony was so diligent (and patient), and he wouldn’t relent until my problem was solved. If you need on-demand technical support, use this link to save $20.

The most exciting news is that in the past few weeks, Charles Ave has engaged with three—yes, THREE—new clients. They run the gamut from an independent, one-person consultancy to a 100+ year-old national brand to a financial services company based in London.

We’re helping each of these companies with their PPC campaigns, especially on Google. Each new client has a different objective – lead gen, ecommerce sales, and increased brand awareness and traffic. I’m looking forward to launching their campaigns and watching the needle move.

Another initiative we’ve been busy with in PPC is transitioning clients from standard text ads on Google AdWords to expanded text ads. Google announced a few months ago that it was getting rid of the ads on the right rail of the SERP and introducing expanded text ads. Expanded text ads are optimized for mobile search and offer advertisers more characters, including an additional headline. Our PPC clients are all taking advantage of this change, and overall seeing improved clickthrough rates vs. standard text ads.

This is what expanded text ads look like:


We’ve also been helping some clients with content discovery and amplification. Using several paid content networks including StumbleUpon, Outbrain, and LinkedIn, we’re getting more eyeballs on client blogs and helping to grow organic engagement and social sharing.

Speaking of client blogs, here are the newest ones:



We’ve also been busy creating and editing video content. These projects include professional development webinars, an internal HR video for new hires, and vlog content to be shared on social networks.

Overall, it’s been incredibly active (and a little hectic) here at Charles Ave, but as always, I’m honored that companies trust us with their business. It means so much to play a part in their successes and watch their businesses grow.

Now back to work!


Kim Kohatsu is the founder of Charles Ave Marketing, where she brings the power and reach of Madison Ave to small businesses and startups.